CB Automatic transfer switch YEQ2CA-225

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Enterprise code Shanghai Yuhuang Electric Co.,Ltd
Product category CB class Automatic Transfer Switch
Design code 1=Mini Circuit Breaker 2=Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Product code C=Chinese make Circuit Breaker(CM1,C45)N=Schneider make circuit breaker(NS,C65)P=ABB Make Circuit Breaker(ABB)
Control code A=Basic type(only provide self-input and self-recover)(integral type)B=Intelligent type(indicate the voltage,start the generator,fire)(integral type)B+W2-Intelligent LED Type(Split Type)

B+W3-Intelligent LCD Type(Split Type)

Current rank 63,100,225,400,630,800,1250
Pole 3P,4P
Rated current 63A~1250A
Working mode R=Self-input and self-recoverS=Self-input without self-recoverF=Standby power priority
Additional features T=Communication


B type switch can match W2,W3 fission controller.
Controller instruction,please go through the(CB Class Automatic Transfer Switch)

Structure and features

YEQ2C Series intelligent dual power automatic switchs is made up of two units 2 pole and 4 pole MCCB and(auxiliary contact,alarm contact), the mechanical interlocking transmission,intelligent controller and other components. It has the integral style and split type with two kinds mechanism. Integral controller is equipped with a base and executing agencies; split type is intelligent controller installed in the panel User take the base by implementing agencies to install into the cabinet controller with an about 2m cables.
1.Reliable mechanical interlock between the two circuit breakers and electrical interlock device. Eliminate the two devices closing completely at the same time.
2.SCM intelligent controller used to control the core hardware is simple and powerful,expansion of convenience,high reliability.
3.It has a short circuit,over load protection functions,over voltage,under voltage,loss phase automatic transfer function and intelligent alarm function.
4.Automatic switching external parameters can be set free.
5.Operation of intelligent motor protection.
6.The control circuit devices with fire, fire control center to a control signal into intelligent controller. Two sets circuit breaker will enter a stating of breaking.
7.There is a computer network interface for achieving remote control four remote telemetry functions.


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