CB Automatic transfer switch YEQ2

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Enterprise code Shanghai Yuhuang Electric Co.,Ltd
Product category CB class Automatic Transfer Switch
Design code 1=Mini Circuit Breaker 2=Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Product code C=Chinese make Circuit Breaker(CM1,C45)
N=Schneider make circuit breaker(NS,C65)
P=ABB Make Circuit Breaker(ABB)
Control code A=Basic type(only provide self-input and self-recover)(integral type)
B=Intelligent type(indicate the voltage,start the generator,fire)(integral type)
B+W2-Intelligent LED Type(Split Type)
B+W3-Intelligent LCD Type(Split Type)
Current rank 63,100,225,400,630,800,1250
Pole 3P,4P
Rated current 63A~1250A
Working mode R=Self-input and self-recover
S=Self-input without self-recover
F=Standby power priority
Additional features T=Communication
Name Content
Enterprise code Shanghai Yuhuang electric co.,ltd
Product category PC class Automatic Transfer Switch
Design code 1
Current rank NA/N/C:32A,125A,250A,400A,630ASA/S/LA/L:125A,250A,630AG:100A,250A,630A,1600A,3200AM:1600A A


Product code NA:16A~630A(Integral type,two positions)N:16A~630A(Split type,two positions)C:16A~630A(Split type,two positions)M:630A~1600A(Split type,two positions)

Q:630A~3200A(Split type,two positions)

SA:20A~630A(Integral type,Three positions)

S:20A~630A( Split type,Three positions)

LA:20A~630A(Integral type,Two positions)

L:20A~630A(Split type,two positions)

G:GA:16A~3200A(With fire protection function)

GA1:16A~100A(Without fire protection function)

Pole 2P(125A and below 125A products),3P,4P
Rated current 16A~3200A
Working mode R=Self-input and self-recoverS=Self-input without self-recoverF=Utility-Generator

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