YUYE Automatic Transfer Switches for Generator

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An automatic transfer switching appliance is an appliance consisting of one or more switching devices used to disconnect a load circuit from one power supply and connect it to another power supply. That is, when one of the detected two power supplies fails, the load circuit is automatically switched from the faulty power supply to the normal power supply, so as to complete the power system switch. Many automatic transfer switches are used for generator connections.

YUYE automatic transfer switch electric appliance, the product model is novel, beautiful, small volume, complete functions, with LCD screen, easy to operate, widely used in the building level, headset important load, fire load, emergency lighting, infrastructure and other automatic power switch.

YUYE series PC automatic transfer switch can be used in power distribution system with rated voltage up to AC400V/50Hz and rated current up to 63A-3200A. At the same time can also be used as a line is not frequently connected, broken occasions.

YUYE series automatic switching switch has the ability of switching on and carrying short circuit current; Full load state power switching ability and anti-jamming ability of machine guns. With two or three stable working positions, a variety of flexible control functions and energy saving, no noise, reliable operation and other characteristics.

Application areas:

YUYE  series ATSE automatic transfer switch electrical appliances are fully applicable to industry, infrastructure, public buildings, energy and civil housing and other fields, especially to meet the special needs of power plants and industrial fields.

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