CB Class Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

The CB calss automatic transfer switchwhen hen the common power supply is normal and the function key is set to automatic mode, the standby circuit breaker is switched on and the common circuit breaker is switched on to protect the common power supply from load. When the one-phase or three-phase voltage of the common power supply A is interrupted, the ATS switches the load from the common power supply to the standby power supply (when the standby power supply has normal voltage). When the common power supply recovers to normal, the ATS switches the load from the standby power supply to the common power supply.
CB product structure and characteristics

CB series intelligent dual power automatic transfer switch is composed of two three or four pole plastic case circuit breaker and its accessories (auxiliary, alarm contact), mechanical interlocking transmission mechanism, intelligent controller and so on. Divided into integral split type two structures. The whole controller and the actuator are mounted on a base; The split type controller is installed on the cabinet panel, the actuator is installed on the base by the user installed in the cabinet, the controller and the actuator are connected with about 2m long cable. Its characteristics are:

  • Two circuit breakers have reliable mechanical interlocking device and electrical interlocking protection, completely eliminate the possibility of two circuit breakers closing at the same time.
  • Intelligent controller adopts single chip microcomputer as the control core, simple hardware, powerful function, convenient expansion, high reliability;
  • With short circuit, overload protection function, over voltage, under voltage, lack of phase automatic conversion function and intelligent alarm function;
  • Automatic conversion parameters can be set freely outside;
  • Intelligent protection function of operating motor;
  • The device has a fire control circuit, when the fire control center to a control signal into the intelligent controller, two circuit breakers are into the state of breaking;
  • There are computer connection and networking interfaces to realize four remote functions, such as remote control, remote adjustment, remote communication and remote measurement.
  • ¬†There are various instructions on the A.T.S. panel.

Post time: Dec-09-2021