Cast First Class Automatic Transfer Switch Quality

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One Two Three Electric Co,.Ltd as the largest and most professional automatic transfer switch manufacturer in China, the quality of switch determines the future development of our company.

Therefore, in the field of automatic transfer  switch, we always uphold such a policy: full participation, strengthening management, continuous improvement, casting quality.

On May 9, 2022, the company held a quality training specifically for front-line employees. As a large automatic transfer switch manufacturer, we want to put the concept of quality first firmly in the mind of all our employees, especially the production department directly related to quality.

In this quality training, our employees are actively involved in expressing their opinions, combined with the problems in production, have put forward their own opinions.

We believe that in our continuous learning, the company and our staff will continue to progress, the quality of our dual power products has been maintained in the world’s leading level.

One Two Three Electric Co,.Ltd,quality and caerte the future.

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