YGL-63 Load Lsolation Switch
YGL-63 Load Lsolation Switch
YGL-100 Load Lsolation Switch
YGL-400(630) Load Lsolation Switch
YGL-1600 Load Lsolation Switch
YGLZ1-160 Load Lsolation Switch

YGL/YGLR series 63A-3150A load isolation switch changeover switch disconnector fuse combination 3p/4p

YGL/YGLZ series load-isolation switch is applied in the circuit of AC 50 HZ,rated voltage 400V or below,and rated current to Max 16A~3150A.

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YGL/YGLZ series load-isolation switch changeover Switch is applied in the circuit of AC 50 HZ,rated voltage 400V or below


Rated current:16A~3150A


Pole: 3P,4P

Name Content
Product category Isolation switch
Product code

None=Isolation switch

Z1=Front and back permutation double conversation

Z2=Left and right permutation double conversion

C=Side operation

Current rank(A) 63,100,160,250,400,630,1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150
Pole 3P,4P
Operation mode None=Operation inside the board J=Operation outside the board
Rated current(A) 16A-3150A
Visual window None=Without visual window K=With visual window
Auxiliary contact Details seen in the sheet of “Auxiliary contact function code”
Operated back of the plate None=Not marked B=Operated back of the plate
Operated back of the cabinet None=Not marked H=Operated back of the cabinet



Auxiliary contact function code


One NO and One NC 11 1NO+1NC
Two NO and Two NC 22 2NO+2NC


Note:All the function above need to be remarked.

Product Summary


YGL/YGLZ series load-isolation switch is applied in the circuit of AC 50 HZ,rated voltage 400V or below,and rated current to Max 16A~3150A. It is used to connect and break circuit by not-frequent manual operation.In addition, product with 690V is only used to electrical isolation.



Operating Conditions


1.Altitude not more than 2000m.

2.The range of ambient temperature is from 5℃ to 40℃.

3.Relative humidity not more than 95%.

4.The environment without any explosive medium.

5.The environment without any rain or snow attacking.

Note:If the product is expected to be used in the environment where temperature is over+40℃ or below -5℃ to 40℃,uses shall tell it to the manufacture.



Structure Feature

1.The switch adopts the acceleration closing mechanism in which the spring energy storage is in place and the quick instantaneous release,and the contact structure of the parallel double-breakpoint at the same time,which greatly improves the electrical performance and mechanical performance of the switch.

2.The switch conductive parts are installed in an insulating base made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester molding compound;the operation mode is :manual operation handle operation,high dielectric property,protection ability and reliable operation safety.

3.The switch has 3 poles,4poles(3 poles+adjustable neutral pole).



Technical Parameter


1.The front side of the switch is provided with a marking window to indicate the on/off state of the contact;the rear observation window can be provided as needed,and the on-off state of the contact can be directly observed to ensure the reliability and safety of the switch operation.


2.The operation handle can be directly installed in switch operation(referred to as the operation inside the cabinet), or can be operated outside the cabinet door by the extension shaft(referred to as the operation outside the cabinet),providing convenient operation.


3.The normally open normally closed auxiliary contact and the installation of the dedicated backplane and the front panel rear writing can be provided as needed to meet various needs of uses.


4.When the segment is”0”,two handles can be used to lock the handle to prevent misoperation.



Structure And Characteristics


The switch adopts the outer casing made of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic(DMC),the spring energy storage fast mechanism can quickly realize the connection and disconnection between the contacts;the contact structure is two separate contact faces of parallel double break points,and the leaf spring guarantees the contact pressure;the switch can automatically determine the limit position of the on and off, and has a clear indication of the position of the moving contact.

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