YUB1 series 3A-63A miniature circuit breaker distribution protection MCB 1P/2P/3P/4P

YUB1-63 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker
YUB1-63 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker
YUB1-63 2P Miniature Circuit Breaker
YUB1-63 3P Miniature Circuit Breaker
YUB1-63 4P Miniature Circuit Breaker

Product category: Miniature Circuit Breaker; Design code: 1; Current rank: 63; Pole: 1P; Using code: C=Light distribution, D=Motor protection; Rated current: 3A~63A.

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YUB1 series 3A-63A miniature circuit breaker distribution protection MCB 1P/2P/3P/4P

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Product Details

Rated current: 3A~63A


Pole: 1P,2P,3P,4P

Product Parameters

Technical Parameter


Rated current(A)


Rated voltage(V)

Rated short circuit breaking capacity (A)

Power factor

Mechanical life(times)




6000 A



Product Choice

Name Details
Product category Miniature Circuit Breaker
Current rank (Amp) 63A
Pole 1P
Using code C=Light distribution,D=Motor protection
Rated current 3~63A




1. Electrical life: 4000 cycles.


2. Antihumid head type: II (The temperature is 55 degrees,the ralative humidity is 95%).


3.Wiring with clamp terminal.cross-section of cable can be up to 25 mm2

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