ATS - automatic transfer switch | what is ATS | working principle of ATS in power system

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ATS - automatic transfer switch - what is ATS


ATS electrical cabinet, also known as automatic transfer switch, is an electrical equipment system, which can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the entire electrical system even in case of power failure. Every enterprise, factory, apartment, hospital... Is equipped with this type of electrical cabinet to ensure that there is always enough power for production and daily life.

What is the ATS electrical cabinet, and what is the structure and working principle of the ATS cabinet? Join us and find out in the following article.


1. What is ATS electrical cabinet?


ATS - automatic transfer switch is understood as an electrical system that can automatically change the lost power supply or vice versa. The purpose of ATS electrical cabinet is to ensure that enterprises and people always have enough power to serve production and life without interruption.


2. ATS function - automatic transfer switch


The ATS generator system has the function of converting the power supply into the backup power supply in the generator in case of phase failure, overvoltage, loss of neutral line, power failure and other accidents.

3. What fields are ATS cabinets used in?


ATS electrical cabinet is widely used in industrial parks, factories, commercial centers, apartments, airports, bus stations, ports, etc

4. Structure of electrical cabinet ATS


ATS electrical cabinet: it is made of galvanized steel and externally coated with electrostatic paint. The size of the electric cabinet varies depending on the use and capacity requirements.

Automatic switching device: it is designed with automatic or manual switching mode.

ATS electrical cabinet controller: it has the function of controlling the switch with time.

ATS power distribution bus system: calculated according to the rated current of the system.

The key, LCD and indicator system help the operator to operate flexibly.

In addition to the above components, ATS electrical cabinet also integrates monitoring and remote control functions.



5.Working principle of ATS electrical cabinet


ATS electrical distribution board always includes power conversion system and industrial generator. In any case, the cabinet is always ready to automatically switch the power supply to the position requiring power supply.

ATS: the system converts the power from the main power grid. In case of an accident, it will supply power from the generator to the load.

When the power grid is restarted, the ATS distribution board is responsible for connecting the load to the main power supply and disconnecting the standby generator.

The high-end atlas electric cabinet also has the synchronous function of multiple generators at the same time to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

6. ATS cabinet system operation flow


For the load that requires no power down or does not power down for a long time, the ATS cabinet system is a device that ensures that the load is connected to the power grid and the generator according to the following principles:

First, the ATS distribution board will send a signal to turn on the generator

Then, when the generator has power and operates stably, the ATS cabinet will switch the load from the power grid to the generator.

When the mains power is restored and operates stably, ATS will send a signal to stop the generator, and then switch the load from the generator to the power grid.

In addition, there are also high-end ATS cabinets on the market, which have expansion functions such as combination of synchronous cabinets and multiple generators, so as to ensure sufficient load capacity in case of generator risk.

7. Classification of ATS of electrical cabinet system


The popular ATS electrical cabinet types in the market today are:

ATS electrical panel has one power supply and one standby generator. This type is used in many buildings and factories.


ATS electrical cabinet has two main power supplies and one standby generator. This type is usually installed in large industrial areas. The power grid system always has two independent and alternate maintenance sources.

ATS electrical panel has 1 power supply and 2 standby generator sources.

ATS electrical cabinet system can also be classified according to capacity, such as 100A, 200A, 250A and 400A, which are mainly used for startup.

ATS large cabinet system, about 800A to thousands of AMPS, uses gas cutting knife, which is more durable.




8. Operation model of electrical cabinet ATS

ATS power switch cabinet includes two mechanical switches for normal power supply and redundant power supply.

Operation mode of electrical cabinet ATS

In case of mains failure, the time interval between two switches must be shortened as far as possible to ensure continuous power supply.

Once the power supply problem is solved, the ATS system will disconnect the load from the power supply and connect to the power supply system.

9. Select ATS electrical cabinet system


Which type of ATS electrical cabinet system is selected depends on the requirements of each unit. The technical experts put forward the following suggestions on the considerations for selecting an appropriate ATS system:

It is necessary to determine the capacity of the substation

Calculate the priority power consumption area according to the generator capacity.

According to the installation position of the system: temperature, environment

Connected to the control system of the service. Automatically report information according to the preset schedule.

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