Answer About the Use Environment of Universal Circuit Breaker,ACB

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In the use of frame short-circuit device, it is often affected by the environment, such as the ambient temperature, the use of altitude, and so on. The following is a simple answer to some data analysis of our ACB products in actual use.


ACB common question

Q:Are there tables for reducing the rated current for different types of arrangement of the main contacts of the circuit breaker?

A:SEE the table on below: Temperature drop coefficient.


Q;Is it possible to change the location of the pins on the circuit breaker?

A;It is not clear whether the pin refers to the bus or the wiring terminal. If the bus bar can choose vertical connection, horizontal connection. If it refers to the wiring terminal, it cannot be changed.


Q;Is there a table of recommendations for the cross-sections of the connected busbars?

A;No. The specifications of the circuit breaker busbar are marked in the catalogue.


Q;Is locking available in the OFF position?



Q;Is it possible to remotely control circuit breakers via Modbus network?



Q;Does it transmit information on, off, connected, disconnected, test over the Mdbus network?



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