ATS cabinet (Automatic transfer switch cabinet )corresponding generator power

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What is Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) ?
— Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) can automatically transfer load between the main power and the emergency power (generating set) without the operator. Auto-start diesel generator set or auto shut down diesel generator set, this is a core task of ATS. ATS is a bridge between diesel genset and utility power. Once the utility power (main power) failures, the ATS will automatically switch to the loads wires to connect genset power supply, automatically start diesel generator set to generate electricity. Once the utility power comes back (recovery), ATS will automatically switch the load wires to connect utility power supply, automatically stop the genset afterwards. The whole process does not require manual operation. Our diesel genset is controlled by ATS for auto-start genset & auto-stop genset. Besides, ATS will all along monitor the position of utility power (normal or abnormal).


ATS Main Details :

ATS manufacturer:One Two Three Electric
ATS brand: 123 & YUYE
Type of ATS cabinet:freestanding type, separated with generator set .

What is automatic transfer switch cabinet ?

ATS(automatic transfer switch), so ATS Cabinet is automatic transfer switch cabinet. The customers who buy diesel generator set care about ATS cabinet more than ATS. What our customers need to buy is ATS cabinet. ATS to be installed into ATS cabinet. Our ATS cabinet is separated with genset. If ATS directly is installed on the genset, the vibration of engine will greatly influence the ATS working performance & safety. The small power output genset with small vibration can accept this prouction arrangement that ATS directly is installed on the genset. But the big power output genset with big vibration has to choose the separated type ATS cabinet. Anyway, to be more safer, we all along export the separated type ATS cabinet for our customers.

1). Working principle of automatic transfer switch cabinet

When the main power fails or the voltage drops below 80% of normal voltage, the control panel of generator set will receive a signal from ATS to start the emergency generating set after a preset time of 0-10 seconds (adjustable). At this time, ATS also will switch to the load wires to connect genset power supply, and the whole process takes less than 15 seconds.By the way, when mains power fails, it takes approximately less than 15 seconds for the generator to begin to start until provide continuous power output. This time lag, although not a great length of time, can be fatal for computers and networks in an office environment. UPS can solve this problem, technically.

2). Applications of automatic transfer switch cabinet :

It’s widely used in telecommunications, railway, airport, hospital, hotel, office building and other emergency power supply equipment. It has a simple structure, easy operation and safety. The whole process can work automatically, without any personnel operation.

3).List of automatic transfer switch cabinet corresponding generator power

ATS Model    ATS Current    Application (50HZ @ 400/230V)

YES1-63/4P       63 (A)    less than  35  kw  (prime power) genset    
YES1-80/4P       80 (A)    36 kw  to  45  kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-100/4P    100 (A)    46 kw  to  55  kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-160/4P    160 (A)    71 kw  to  88  kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-250/4P    250 (A)    89 kw  to 138 kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-400/4P    400 (A)    139kw to 222 kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-630/4P    630 (A)    223kw to 350 kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-800/4P       800 (A)     351kw to 444 kw (prime power) genset    
YES11000/4P     1000 (A)    445kw to 555 kw ( prime power) genset    
YES1-1250/4P    1250 (A)    556kw to 693 kw  (prime power) genset    
YES1-1600/4P    1600 (A)    694kw to 887 kw  (prime power) genset    
YES1-2000/4P    2000 (A)    888kw to 1109 kw  (prime power) genset    
YES1-2500/4P    2500 (A)    1110kw to 1386 kw (prime power) genset    
YES1-3200/4P    3200 (A)    1387kw to 1175 kw (prime power) genset    

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