PC/CB Grade ATS Controller

ATS Controller
ATS Controller
CB Grade ATS Controller
PC Grade ATS Controller
Grade ATS Controller
 ATS Controller

Y-700 series ATS controller is intelligent dual-supply switch module, which integrates a programmable function, automatic measurement, LCD display, and digital communication. It combines digital, intelligent, networking, measurement and control process automation, disoperation, in order to reduce the faults during operation.

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PC/CB Grade ATS Controller

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ATS controller is a microprocessor automatic measurement, output programmable, communication, indicator light display, conversion delay adjustable, working mode can be set, intelligent in one, the measurement and control process to achieve automation, reduce human error, is the ideal product of ATSE.

Is composed of microprocessor as the core, can accurately detect two three-phase voltage, to the emergence of voltage difference (over voltage, under voltage, lack of phase) to make accurate judgment and output passive control switching signal.

Y-700 series ATS controller is made of microprocessor as its core, can accurately detect extended-spectrum 2-way-3-phase voltage and also make accurate judgment and output passive control switch under the abnormal voltage(over and under voltage,miss phase and over and under frequency).

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