ATS Switch Cabinet

ATS Cabinet Floor Type
ATS Cabinet Floor Type
ATS Switch Cabinet
ATS electrical cabinet
electric ATS cabinet
ATS Cabinet

ATS switch cabinet mainly realize automatic switching function between the two power supply ways, when one power supply way fails, it will automatically switch to the other. ATS switch cabinet is applied to the data room area as primary distribution,and is mainly to realize the mains- mains/mains generator/generator-generator automatic switching function,and supply dual switching power for the back-end air-conditioning, lighting,fire protection, UPS/HVDC/LVDC."

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ATS Switch Cabinet

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Product Details

ATS Cabinet Floor Type

1 Dual circuit power input, automatic detection and switch (support a variety of switching modes);

2 Wide capacity setting, 63-4000A, flexible configuration according to the back-end load capacity;

3 High reliability, adopt well-known brands switch devices, equipped with lightning protection device, electrical performance factory inspection;

4 Intelligent monitoring, equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen/smart meter, it could detect the current, power and power consumption.etc.

5 Convenience maintenance , support front and back side maintenance;

6 Complete quality certification,

Product Parameters


Parameter value

Input capacity

63A-4000A ATS, optional

Cabinet size

600/800/1000/1300*600*2000 (WxDxH),

according to the size of the ATS.

Types of communication


Lightning protection level

Class B, 60kA (8/20 mu s)

Maintenance mode

front and back sides maintenance

Protection grade

IP54.Can be customized on request

input/output line mode

in and out from upside/in and out from downside

installation mode

fixing on the floor

Cooling way

Natural cooling


3C certification


Bus/plastic shell

Monitoring parameters

Monitor input voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and quantity of electric charge

Working temperature

Temperature 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Working humidity


The power supply system

380/400/415V 50/60Hz


0 ~ 2000m, limited using above 2000m.

Product Choice


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