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YES1-400N Dual power Automatic Transfer Switch

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Model number: YES1-400NA
Rated current (A); 160A~400A
Certificate: IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 superscript

The products system in utility-generator, could be sent out a signal. It's perfect capability, reliable ,flexible easy to use, wide range of dual-power products, up to the domestic level.

YES1-400NA Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch (Two Section)
YES1 series of PC-class dual-power supply automatic switch (here in after ATSE) is the
latest comp any Technology development of hIgh-tech products It is in line with IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 superscript,And also with "high-rise buildings fire norms" and "Architectural Design fire norms ","emergency Lighting Design Guide, "" civil electrical design specifications. "
□ Small in volume, convenient in installation
□ Self-input and self-restoring , Self-input without self-restoring, automatic or manual is all depends on you
□ You can choose integral type or split type
□ 2 Pole ,3 Pole ,4 Pole all you can choose
□ Running parameter could be adjusted
□ Rated voltage of 400V,rated current is from 10Amp to 3200Amp

With the development of society. People request to the ability of power supply are becoming more and more strictly. Two sources have been used in many conditions to ensure the reliability of power supply.YES1 series automatic transfer switch is such a new product designed according t o this requirement. As the products has the function of Self-input and sel f-restoring, Self-input without self- restoring, Utility-utility, utility- generator, it can detect the three phases four wires of utility and the three phase voltage of two sources at the same time. If the primary power is failure, such as over voltage, under voltage or loss phases, it will changeover from the abnormity power to the normal power automatically .The products system in utility-generator, could be sent out a signal. It's perfect capability, reliable ,flexible easy to use, wide range of dual-power products, up to the domestic level.

YES1 series  Automatic Transfer Switch are mainly used for the state of a load, widely applicable to the fire, postal communication, hospitals, hotels, Urban rail transport and high-rise buildings, industrial assembly line, television stations need electricity for the important parts. Main power Emergency Power can be power grids, with Self excitation generator sets, battery, and so on

Products model and it's meaning
□ This series products all could using together with Y-700,Y-701,Y-702 series PC class Automatic Transfer switch controller,except NA,SA type products.
□ The instruction of ATS controller,please see details "PC class Automatic Transfer switch controller" Page 16~Page 22.
□ To meet the customer's requirement, our company launch a switch with interior controller,consumer only connect the main return way to use the automatic transfer switch electric system

■ NA, N, C Type ATS appearance and Installation Dimension
YES1-400N Dual power Automatic Transfer Switch-1
1. Connection Terminal  2. Brand  3. Control Handle Faucet  4. Load Bus  5. Standby Power Bus  6. Arc Chute  7. Close-transition Indication of Primary and Standby power  8. Base  9. Main Power Bus  10. Control handle ( Removable)
YES1-400N Dual power Automatic Transfer Switch-2
Appearance and installation size
YES1-400N Dual power Automatic Transfer Switch-3

Technical Parameter
YES1-400N Dual power Automatic Transfer Switch-4


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