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YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Model number: YEQ3-125/YEQ3-250
rated voltage : 400V
Certificate: IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11, IEC60947-6-1.

The ambient temperature should be higher than -5℃ and lower than 40℃,and the The daily average temperature should be not exceed 35℃.
The ambient altitude should not be higher than 2000m.

With the development of society, science and technology,people require the power supply quality and reliability higher and higher,In many circumstances,people need two independent power supplies to ensure the stability;Therefore,our company developed a new series of automatic transfer switch--YEQ3 series with a high degree of automation.Its integrated design guarantees an accurate&reliable switching process,a better electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability.YEQ3 series can not merely switch between two powers but can detect two lines three phase and four wire system,while any abnormal voltage was detected, the ATS will switch to the available power(Manual and Auto are both available).
YEQ3 series ATS is suitable for elevator, fire protection,subway,hospital,post station,communication station,television station,production line,shipping and any other power systems which have a high request for stability.And this automatic transfer system apply to the operating environment with AC 50/60HZ,rated voltage 400V and rated current 400A.
YEQ3 series ATS is designed according to the standard GB14048.1 IEC60947-1;GB/T 14048.11 IEC60947-6-1
Operational environment
□ The ambient temperature should be higher than -5℃ and lower than 40℃,and the The daily average temperature should be not exceed 35℃.
□ The ambient altitude should not be higher than 2000m.
□ The ambient electrical pollution class should not be higher than level 3.
□ The ambient relative air humidity should not be higher than 50%,40℃,with the decrease of temperature,the available air humidity can be properly increased,such as 20℃,90%.
□ If the environment is not up to the standard,the demand-side should notice the supply-side in advance.

Automatic Transfer Switch Product number
YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch-1

1. The split type ATS can equip W2,W3 series controller.
2. Details of the controller please refer to page 37 to 45.

Product structure,feature and function
□ structure
□ this intelligent automatic transfer system contains controller and device body which is made up of two circuit breakers.This system realizes the structural ATS with two incoming terminals and one output terminal.
□ the intelligent device body is made up of reversible electric servomotor and circuit breaker, and the system possesses "mechanical and electrical dual interlock protection function" to guarantee the stable and safety of the power supply.
□ YEQ3 series ATS equips active closing indicator light and passive closing indicator light.
□ Closing auxiliary and Tripping alarm auxiliary are detachable
□ feature
□ the design of YEQ3 series ATS realizes a CB class ATS with two incoming terminal and one outgoing terminal.
□ complete functions and intelligent system
□ Modifiable parameter and Telecommunication operation
□ whole BAKELITE shell realize none electric arc and ensure a high factor of safety
□ the compact structure guarantees a strong anti-interference capacity
□ small volume,patented design with isolation function
□ multipurpose operating handle,can be used to switch ATS and set screw.

Technical parameters
YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch-2
Contour and installation size

YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch-3
Contour and installation size
YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch-4
W/W1/W2/W3 type controller functional specification
YEQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch-5

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