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YEQ2C-B CB Class ATS Controller Integral Type

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Model number: YEQ2C-B
Working Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
Certificate: IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 superscript

Working Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
transfer delay: 0.5s --90s Continuous adjustable
Return delay : 0.5s --90s Continuous adjustable
Under voltage conversion value:145V~210V Continuous adjustable

YEQ2C-B type Controller ( Integral Type )
□ B type ATS controller adopts intelligent single-chip microcomputer program control, connect with the switch body is an organic whole artfully, convenient operation, powerful functions, And on the basis of B type controller it can increase W2 fission type controller and W3 LCD Chinese interface controller.
□ It can display two way three phase voltage, frequency, and switch situation accurately.
□ Allows the user to the modified the working status, transformation time delay parameters at the scene.
□ slf-input and self-recover,slf-input and without self-recover,utility - generator Can be arbitrary set.
□ Fire alarm linkage--transfer to the double break position
□ Automatic transfer mode and manual transfer mode can be choosed
□ In the mode of Utility --Generaotr it can output the Generator start signal
□ The transfer time can be arbitrary set.
□ With a strong anti-interference ability,Suitable for the complex environment with strong electromagnetic interference.
□ Working Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
□ transfer delay: 0.5s --90s Continuous adjustable
□ Return delay : 0.5s --90s Continuous adjustable
□ Under voltage conversion value:145V~210V Continuous adjustable
□ Over Voltage conversion value:230V~300V Continuous adjustable
□ Transfer time:<4s
YEQ2C-B type Controller-Integral Type-1
Note:the controller instruction manual, please see the detail on page 45.

B Type controller terminal and wiring method
YEQ2C-B type Controller-Integral Type-2

1) 101~104 main power external power supply indicator lights
101-- indicator light public neutral line
102--main power indicator light output
103--main power closing indication output
104--main power trip indication output
2) 201~204 Standby power external power supply indicator lights
201--indicator light public neutral line
202--standby power indicator light output
203--standby power closing indication output
204--standby power trip indication output
3) 301~304 Fire linkage control port:The interface is used for remote control to cut off the power when the fire fighting equipment alarm.
303.304--Fire linkage control signal input port,this port ,The external interface can only pick up a set of passive normally open contacts (if the fire equipment oupput the signal is active normally open contacts, it must pass a small relay,then connect the relay normally open contact to the controller, or the controller will be burnt.).When the outside contacts is closed,the controller will control the switch to transfer to the off position and then cut off the power,then return a signal to the fair control center via 301 and 302.
301,302—with a group of relay dry nodes,to return the signal of fair action.In the normal condition the terminal is in ON position, when there is a fire come in to the controller, and the switch transfer to the off position, the 301 and 302 will connect. (Note : after the fire linkage function is start, the automatic transfer switch will stop working, if want the switch continue to working, then should Removal off the fire signal and press any key on the controller panel,after that the switch will recover to normal transformation )
4) 401~402 Controller dc auxiliary power supply input.The purpose of connecting the auxiliary power to the controller is startup delay time in the mode of Utility - Generator, if not connect the auxiliary power then the generator delay time is 0 second,if no need the generator startup delay function, then no heed to connect the auxiliary power.
5) 501~503generator startup signal output. when the standby power is startup the generator, user can finish the startup the generator automaticlly via connect the 501~ 503 terminal and the generator controller.Inside of 501~503 is a group of 3A relay dry nodes,503 is relay public terminal, 502 is relay off nodes,501 is ON node.In the working mode of Utility-Generator,and the controller is in the mode of auto control,when the main power is normal, the 503 and 501 is ON, and 503 and 502 is OFF, if the normal power is failed and the standby power is no power, then the 503 and 502 will ON after the generator delay,at the same time the 503 and 501 will off and send generaator startup signal,after the generator startup successfully then the switch will transfer to the standby power to continue to supplying the power,when the main power recover normal, then the controller will transfer back to main power, after the main breaker closed then the 503 and 501 will be ON after the delay,503 and 502 will be OFF and send ut stop generator signal.
6) Fission type controller external port
7) RS485 external port


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