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YEM1E-800 Moulded Case Electron Circuit Breaker

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Model Number: YEM1E-800
Standard:IEC600947 GB14048 CCC CQC

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 
Model Number: YEM1L-100
Standard:GB14048 CCC CQC
YEM1E series electronic MCCB (hereafter referred to as simply breakers) are one of the new type breakers which have been developed by the company using CAD/CAM/CAE international advanced design and manufacturing technology. The rated insulation voltage of the breakers is 800V. In the circuit of AC50Hz, rated operational voltage 690V and rated current up to 1250A ,the breakers take the role of infrequent chang-over switching and infrequent motor start-up. The breakers have overload long-time delay inverse, short-circuit short-time delay inverse, short-circuit short-time delay definite, short- circuit instantaneous and under-voltage protection functions so as to prevent the circuit and supply devices from damage.
■ The Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, according to the rated ultimate short- circuit breaking capacity (Icu), are classified two kinds of types M(second high breaking type) and H(high breaking type).The breakers are of the following characteristics: compact size, high breaking capacity, short arc-over distance and shake proof, etc.
■  The breakers could be installed vertically (upright) or horizontally (transverse).
■ The breakers could not be wired adversely 1 3 and 5 can only be connected with supply line,2 4 and 6 can only be connected with load line.
■ The breakers have disconnecting function , its corresponding symbol is shown as
■ The breakers comply with the demands of the following standards:
■ IEC600947-1 and GB14048.1-2006 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear General rules
■ IEC600947-2 and GB14048.2-2008 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear Circuit-breakers and appendix F additional tests for circuit-breakers with electronic over-current protection.
■ IEC60947-4-1 and GB14048.4 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear Electromechanical contactors and motor starters.
■ The breakers have obtained the CCC mark of CQC, and named as" china famous brand" products.

Type and its meaning
YEM1E-Moulded Case Electron Circuit Breaker-1
1) usage code for distribution MCCB is without code, usage code for motor protection is 2.
2) No code for operation directly; P for motor operator ; Z for rotary handle operator.
■ The pattern of neutral (N) for four poles breaker: protective current and time of over-current in N pole, are 100% automatic tracking phase line, and N pole combines with other three poles (closing first and opening last)
■ Classification according to rated current
YEM1E-100 has 32 63 10 0 A,
YEM1E-225 has 225A ,
YEM1E-250 has 250A,
YEM1E-400 has 400A,
YEM1E-630 has 630A,
YEM1E-800 has 800A,
YEM1E-1250 has 800 1000 1250A
■ The connected mode has five: front connected, rear connected, plug in front connected, plug-in rear connected and draw-out connected.
■ In accordance with breaker whether with accessories: with accessories and without accessories, accessories dividing internal/ external, internal accessories: shunt release, under-voltage release,auxiliary contact and alarm contact; external accessories: rotary handle operator, motor operator and YEM1E tester.

Application environment condition
■ Ambient air temperature -5℃ +40℃ ;
■ The altitude of the site of installation does not exceed 2000;
■ The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40℃ .Higher relative humidities may be permittedat lower temperature, e.g.90% at +20℃ . Special measures may be necessary in cases of occasional condensation due to variations in temperature;
■ Pollution degree 3;
■ Installing category:Ⅲ for main circuit, Ⅱ for other auxiliary and control circuits;
■ Be suitable in electromagnic environment A;
■ Damp heat breaker can be able to bear the influence of damp air or salt mist and oil mist or mould;
■ There must be not any explosive dangerous and not any conducting dust, there must be not any gas which would corrode metal and destroy insulation;
■ The place would not be invaded by rain and snow.

Main characteristics
■ Discrimination coordination: with three-class protection function, YEM1E electronic circuit breaker of utilization category B can be connected with other short- circuit protective devices associated in same circuit under conditions of short-circuit, it has discrimination coordination;
■ Selection of operating current and time of three- class protection: the release can be setted and adjusted in terms of load current by customers
■  Supply by itself: electronic release is energized by itself, current signal and release's supply are from the current transforms of the breaker.
■ "Pre-alarm" indicating: when the actual running current flowing through the breaker reaches or exceeds the pre-alarm operating current value Ir0, "pre-alarm" LED on the breaker's cover is yellow.
■  Over-load indication: when the load current exceeds the operating current value of over-load long time-delay, LED on the breaker's cover is red.
■ Instantaneous tripping by heavy current: as the breaker is just closed or running, it would be directly tripped by electro-magenetic tripping mechanism in case of short-circuit heavy current(≥20Inm);
■ Tester: supply tester to customer to convenient test for the parameter of the breaker.
■ Inter-change able installation: the outline dimension is the same as CM1 series MCCB with the same specification (except YEM1E-630)

Technical performance
YEM1E-Moulded Case Electron Circuit Breaker-2


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