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YEHGM-6120 Generator Controller

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Model number: YEHGM-6120
Certificate: IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 superscript

After the controller starup push the button then can enter the menu interface,choose 1 controller parameter setting.

Button Function Description

tubiao-1 Stop/reset button In the mode of manual/Auto,can stop the generator working.If in the
 mode of alarm,can outage alarm reset.In the mode of downtime,push
 the button for more than 3s,can test if the panal light is normal.In the 
process of the downtime,push the button again, can stop it quickly.
tubiao-2 Power Button In the mode of manual or Manual commissioning,push the button can 
startup the generator.
tubiao-3 Manual Press this button,can set the controller in the mode of manual.
tubiao-4 Auto press this button,can set the generator in the mode of auto.
tubiao-5 With load 
commissioning button
Press this button,can set the controller in the mode of Manual 
commissioning.In this mode,if the generator is normal,then the 
generator continue working with load.
tubiao-6 Set/Confirm Push this button, enter into the set menu, can move the cursor and
 determine the set information in the parameter Settings.
tubiao-7 Turn up / Increase Turn over the scream,Move the cursor up in the setting parameter 
or increase the number of cursor position
tubiao-8 Turn down / minus Turn over the scream,Move the cursor down in the setting parameter 
or minus the number of cursor position.

Parameter setting
The Generating Set Controller parameter setting please see below
1.After the controller starup push the button then can enter the menu interface,choose 1 controller parameter setting。See picture 1
2.push the button and enter the parameters setting and password input interface (Input the password 1234 can set part item of the configuration parameters 0318 can set all the item of the configuration parameters )
3.push the button " tubiao-7" or " tubiao-8" ,can add or subtract the number of the cursor position, push the button " tubiao-6",move the cursor or confirm the setting parameter.
4.If input the properly configured password then enter into the parameter setting interface (the first line is Parameter Settings,the second line is parameter range,the third line is current value the fourth line is setting parameter value press the button " " and To select the parameter configuration items,press the button which you need to configure the parameters.Then enter the parameter configuration mode.
5.Set the parameters according to the third step,if the setting value is in the range,then this value will be kept in the flash of the controller. If not in the range, then can not be kept.

Note:When in the setting,it will discontinue the current parameter Settings Immediately at any time when press the button " tubiao-1", return back to the main display interface.
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