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YEHGM-601 Generator Controller

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Model number: YEHGM-601
Certificate: IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 superscript

YEHGM-601 Generating Set Controller Dimension
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-1

Parameter setting method
Main button introduce

YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-2

Setting Method:example(2 will be the setting controller startup time )
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-3

Parameter setting Item
System parameters
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-4

Generator Parameter
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-5
Engine parameter
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-6

Input/output set
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-7Calibration menu
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-8

The sensor type definition
Code Pressure sensor brand model The temperature sensor brand model
0 No use No use
1 Closed for low oil pressure Closed for high temperature
2 Separated for low oil pressure Separated for high temperature
3 VDO 5 bar VDO 120℃
4 VDO 10 bar VDO 150℃
5 Datcon 7 bar Datcon
6 Murphy 7 bar Murphy
7 Definition 1 Pt100
8 Definition 2 Definition 1
9 Definition 3 Definition 2
10 Definition 4 Definition 3
11 user-defined Definition 4
Define the input options
Code  Optional features Code  Optional features
0 no use 7 scram input
1 Warning input (Effective immediately) 8 Remote open input
2 fault input (Effective immediately) 9 Standby
3 Warning input(Come into force after the safety supervision) 10 Standby
4 fault input (Come into force after the safety supervision) 11 Low oil level switch input
5 Low oil pressure switch input 12 Light test
6 High water temperature switch input

Define the output options
Code Define the type of fault Code Define the type of fault
0 no use 1 standby
2 Fault alarm output 3 warning output
4 Idle speed (Normally closed) 5 Preheating model output
6 raising speed 7 standby
8 pump control 9 operating
10 System in automatic mode 11 standby
12 System in manual mode 13 standby
14 Idle speed 1 output normally open 15 standby
16 standby 17 Boot failure
The fault code table
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-9
Typical wiring diagram
YEHGM-601 Generator Controller-10
NOTE: if the terminal 13 not used,Connected to the cathode is prohibited


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