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YECPS Control and Protective Switch

Description for CPS code
CPS,namely"control and protective switching device"is a new type of low voltage electric apparatus,as a major type of product I the code of "CPS".KBO is the first genration of CPS type product filling up a vacancy in China.

YECPS seires Control and Protective Switch device(for short CPS).CPS mainly use to make ,carry and break current under normal condition including specified overload condition as well as current under spcified abnormal condition like short circuit for AC 50/60Hz power system with rated voltage up tp 690V and rated current from 0.4A to 125A.

KBO adopt s modularized single structure and integrates main funtion of traditional circuit breake r (fuse), contactor, overload(or over current,phase failure) relay starter and isolator,it owns remote automatic control and direct manual control function as well panel indication and electrical signa l alarm function.Use in Industrial Facility (Ship, steel, colliery, Metallurgy,Petrochemical,Light Industry,Motor Control Center&Power Supply Center,Power Station) Infrastructure (Port and Railway System,lumination and ventilation system of Highway,Control & Protective System of Military Filed (suc h as Frontier guard room,Radar Station,etc) Fire Protection System (Fire pump,motor of various places.Commericial and civilian Facility (Power transfer,Pump,motor and air controller System of Modern Building,Hopsital,Information Center,Telecom communication Machinery Room,Commercial Building.

3. Work condition
3.1 Temperature:-5℃~+40℃,average≤35℃.
advanced contact and electromagnetic system separation, secondary bounce of contact and greatly enhanced the electrical life.
■ With leakage current protect circuit breaker function
■ Fault record and display function.
The system happen fault, switch controller will automatic indentify,save and record faults type,display it fo r easy check.
■ Inspect and display function
In running will show inspect three phase current vale,and display result in turn.
■ Motor start delay function

4.1 diagram

control and Protective Switching device-1
Advantage of Product
Compared to system composed of separate element ,it owns control and protection characteristic CPS series control and protective switching device integrates control and protection function as one whole,that is a product composed of the function of circuit breaker (fuse),contactor,overload relay, auxiliar y apparatus,it can perfectly solve the matching product of protection and control between elements,which is difficult to solved by the separate element,so as to make the matching of protection and control characteristic more perfect and more reasonable(three sections protection characteristic of inverse time delay,definite time delay and instanantaneous), the right single-structure product can be selected instead of various traditional apparatuses,including the one from power supply terminal to load terminal without derating.only according to load power of current,which has greatly reduced designer`s work owns incomparable operation reliablity and continuity performance CPS can be put into running wi hout maintaince after breaking short circuit current.that means it owns operation continulty performance after breaking short circuit faults after short circuit breaking test. this characteristic has greatly improved the opeartion reliablity and continulity performance of system ,meanwhile,its los f 80kA is ranking highest in China and at the top in the word.c.Energy naving and material saving.
control and Protective Switching device-2
6.1.4 Contact set of main circuit
The contact set of main circuit it is mainly composed of double-break contact,arc-extinguishing chamber and current limiting release operation mechanism,each pole is independent to each other,when short circuit happens to load,the release will actuate rapidly and bring the operation mechanism to cut off the power of control coil and make each pole of main circuit break completely.

6.1.5 MCU intelligent control inspection system
YECPS`s MCU intelligent control inspection system function as per .8.3 technical parameter
control and Protective Switching device-3

6.2.2 short circuit protection

6.2.3 Over current protection and other protection
Intelligent control system inspect main circuit gace over load,lost phase,under current block trun,three phase unbalance,leakage electric those faults and control circuit`s over voltage,under voltage faults,send a fults signal to electrical trip,after the electrical release will bring the operation mechanism action.after operation mechanism

7、Model and meaning
control and Protective Switching device-4
Notice: when controller rated current Ir 1 is rated current Ie,Set current Ir 1 can no need fill out, orelse need mark
control and Protective Switching device-5
8 . 1 Basic technical parameter
control and Protective Switching device-6
8 . 2 Connect, load and break capacity short current capacity(precision±2 0 %)
control and Protective Switching device-7
8 . 3 intelligent release technical parameter
8 . 3 . 1 time - current character curve diagram
control and Protective Switching device-8
8 . 3 . 2 over current protection action time
T = ( 1.5 Ir 1/I ) * TL
T:action time
I r 1:long delay time set current( can chang on the panel)
I:facult current
T L:facult current is 1 . 5 I r 1 ` s action time
F n and T L reletive fig. 4:
control and Protective Switching device-9


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