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One Two Three Electric Co., LTD focusing on the different needs and long-term plans for the area of the user. By CNC system with independent intellectual property rights, marketing network all over the country, as well as various types of overseas marketing, service agencies and gradually built for various industries at home and abroad to provide first-class products and efficient service tailored. Adhere to the "all market-oriented"market headquarters and many provincial / municipal offices, market network throughout the country. Optimizing management processes, closer to customer demand, helping to ensure the normal operation of its products.
  • First, the user to comply with conditions of storage and use:
The company's products manufactured within 18 months or put into operation within 12 months, the product manufacturing quality problems as a result of damaged or is not working when, the company responsible for free maintenance (except caused by improper use).
  • Second, as due to the following causes of failure, and also during the warranty period for repair or replacement fee:
⒈ the use of wrong, to make alterations and inadequate maintenance and other reasons;
⒉ use than the standard requirements;
Damage or improper use and man-made damage and other reasons ⒊ occur during the installation process;
⒋ earthquake, fire, lightning, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary disasters and other causes;
  • Third, when a product fails:
Users either contact the supplier or the service department of the company will get a satisfactory answer, for customers reflect the problems, we will be back to you in a half working days for the case to go to the scene to solve, service personnel surrounding Xiamen sent within 24 hours to reach the area on-site service, the rest of the 48 hours service arrived at the scene. Product during the warranty period due to problems of the company's manufacturing fault caused, for free repair or even replacement.
  • Fourth, the product warranty period:
If the product warranty period after repair function can be maintained under the case, paid for repairs, it is not working properly after the repair, replacement for a fee.


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