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Low-voltage electrical appliance market growth in China reached about 20%

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Low-voltage electrical appliance market growth in China reached about 20%

From the electric power industry to the construction industry, low voltage electrical apparatus in China for more than 50 years ofhistory, along with the rapid progress of China's economicconstruction, low-voltage electrical appliances from simple Assemblyto the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances.
Production and sale of low voltage electrical industry in China under the 2014-2018 requirement and investment analysis reports analysis,from the smart grid construction and new energy industry, from theelectric power industry to the construction industry, low voltageelectrical apparatus in China for more than 50 years of history, along with the rapid progress of China's economic construction, low-voltageelectrical appliances from simple Assembly to the fourth generation ofintelligent low-voltage electrical appliances.
At present, China's demand for electricity continues to increase,prompting faster power network reconstruction in our country. 35 year period, China will optimize the structure of power, strengthening theconstruction of the smart grid, electric power equipment market demandwill increase rapidly. According to relevant information, the nationalpower grid construction in the smart grid itself as well asintelligent investment of a total of 1.5 trillion yuan, or around 300billion yuan per year, which ensures low voltage electrical apparatusin the steady growth of between 35.
Analysis and prediction of relevant institutions, low voltageapparatus market demand in China will increase year by year, the size of the market has expanded each year, the market expansion will alsospeed up year by year. In 2014, the low-voltage electrical appliancemarket will amount to 75 billion yuan in China, market growth will beabout 20%.


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